#RSCPoster Twitter Conference

#RSCPoster is a global Twitter poster conference taking place entirely online over the course of a day. The event aims to bring together the global chemistry community allowing for interaction with chemists and researchers at various career stages. This year (2022), the Faul Group presents two posters from both Safa and Ulzhalgas, highlighting their work within the functional porous polymer field (see below).

Charl speaking in Shanghai

Charl was invited to deliver a keynote lecture at the 10th International Conference on Advanced Fibers and Polymer Materials (ICAFPM 2021), held at Donghua University, Shanghai, China. As travel is still restricted due to COVID-19, Charl Zoomed over to Shanghai to deliver his lecture on N-containing conjugated microporous polymers early Monday morning! He also joined the State Key Laboratory’s International Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday!

It was also an opportunity to congratulate Donghua University on it’s 70th birthday, and celebrate the 10th edition of the ICAFPM conference series.

Paper in Macromolecules!

Yaozu, who is now back in China at Donghua University, and Ben and Zack (with our collaborator Jens Weber, in Germany) just had a paper accepted for publication in Macromolecules.

CMP1This study focused on the use of conjugated microporous polymer networks (prepared using Buchwald-Hartwig cross-coupling reactions with hexaphenylbenzene-based matierlas) for gas uptake. Very impressively, these systems can take more than 300 weight % of iodine up!  Porosities and uptake capacities can also be tuned by changing the redox state of these materials!  Well done to all!