Juvaid visiting for 3 months from the IIT Madras

Juvaid joined the FRG last week on a short-term 3-month visit from the IIT Madras, India, on an Oxford Instruments scholarship, in conjunction with the BCFN. He will be working with Dr Andy Collins (from the BCFN) on characterising the optoelectronic properties of TANI nanowires.


Welcome Juvaid!

Talks, talks, talks …

Last week was a busy week, with talks from our undergraduate project students Rachel, Steffan and Nick (and a celebration lunch in Cosmo afterwards!).


In addition, Prof. Julius Vancso (Twente University, the Netherlands) also visited the School of Chemistry.  Peter from the FRG gave a great talk as part of the preceding mini-symposium before Prof Vancso’s fascinating talk!


Well done to all from the FRG!