Chinwe’s paper online!

Chinwe’s paper (with James, Ben and Patrice, our collaborator from Grenoble) on tuning conductivity and structure of tetra(aniline)-based triblock structures appeared online on the Journal of Materials Chemistry C’s website!


In this paper we reported on our investigations into the aggregation behaviour and optoelectronic properties of these  π-conjugated rod–coil–rod triblock materials. Well done!

Charl at the College of Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun

Charl arrived in Changchun on Wednesday afternoon, and started with a full day of lectures on Thursday, covering the topics of scientific misconduct and scientific writing in two 2h lectures! More than 300 graduate students attended the lectures, and extra chairs were brought into the lecture hall!


Here he can be seen relaxing with Prof Junqi Sun (vice-dean of the College of Chemistry, who invited Charl) and some of his research group members after his lectures.

Chinwe’s paper accepted!

A paper by Chinwe on the assembly and control of TANI triblock structures, and two order-of-magnitude tuning of conductivity was just accepted for publication in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C! This paper further strengthens the cooperation the FRG has with Dr Patrice Rannou (Grenoble), who is one of the co-authors. More details to follow soon, but in the meantime – well done to all involved!

2 Reasons to be cheerful!

There might be many more reasons to be cheerful, but we would like to mention at least two here! Charl has recently taken on more responsibility (in addition to his research activities) within the School of Chemistry. He is now “Director of Graduate Recruitment”, and in charge of all graduate recruitment (home, EU and international, both MRes and PhD) for the School of Chemistry …

On the research front, we heard yesterday that Tom’s recently published paper has now been selected by Soft Matter as one of their “Hot Papers” for August. The paper is featured on the Soft Matter blog, and is available for free download!