Paper with colleagues at Tsinghua accepted!

A study led by Prof Guangtao Li, and where Charl contributed, was accepted for publication in Chemical Science.  More details on the manuscript entitled “Helically Structured Metal-Organic Frameworks Fabricated by Using Supramolecular Assemblies as Templates” can be found here.


Leverhulme grant awarded to Bristol

This £210,000 collaborative grant has been awarded to a research team from engineering (aerospace and engineering mathematics) and chemistry. Efforts in the lab are led by Dicker, and his work with biomimetic devices that re-orientate in response to light. See the University of Bristol’s news article here


The work is inspired by sun-tracking plants and uses pH-sensitive hydrogels in combination with photoacids to achieve actuation. These devices could be used to maximise the efficiency of photovoltaic panels by tracking the sun throughout the day.