Jasper van der Gucht and Paul Nealey visiting Bristol … and James presenting!

We have the pleasure of having Jasper (from Wageningen, the Netherlands) and Paul (from the Institute of Molecular Engineering, Chicago, USA) visiting Bristol as part of the BCFN‘s seminar series. James, from the FRG, also gave a short talk as part of the afternoon’s activities.

Jasper Paul

Lots of exciting science, great talks, and very nice to have two excellent speakers from outside Bristol here!


Yaozu’s manuscript accepted for Chem Comm!

We have just heard that Yaozu’s manuscript, discussing the preparation of novel N-containing microporous conjugated materials, has been accepted for publication in Chemical Communications! This project, showing the potential of these materials for gas separation, was done in collaboration with Jens Weber (Zittau, Germany).

Congrats Yaozu!