Bai’s viva!

Bai, who obtained his undergraduate degree from the College of Chemistry, Jilin University, successfully passed his oral examination (viva) for his MSc earlier this week.  He did a great job, impressed the examiners, and, in addition, looked very smart!


Well done Bai! Very well deserved!


Visitor from UNAM, Mexico City

Elizabeth (Ruiz Garduno) is visiting the FRG, hosted by the BCFN, for 6 weeks (until mid September).  She is currently a Masters student from the Institute of Materials, UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Mexico City. Contact was established with the FRG during Charl’s previous trips to Mexico.


Although her research work in Mexico is focussed on the preparation of nanostructured inorganic materials, she is gaining experience in the preparation of porous conjugated materials during her stay in Bristol. Welcome!