Paper (with Yaozu and Arne) accepted … and published!

A paper, with Yaozu (and his team at Donghua), Arne Thomas (in Berlin) and Charl on nitrogen-rich conjugated microporous polymers has now appeared in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

In this paper we explore the use of nitrogen-rich conjugated microporous polymers (prepared using an oxidative cross-linking approach) in a variety of applications, including carbon dioxide uptake (with high selectivity over nitrogen) and energy storage.


Paper in Nature Communications!

Great news from the continued collaborative efforts between the Manners and Faul groups (and many other collaborators):  our work on the production of “Uniform electroactive fibre-like micelle nanowires for organic electronics” has just appeared online at Nature Communications!

Well done to Pete (funded by the BCFN for his PhD and now working for NuNano, Edinburgh), Xiaoyu (now at BIT in Beijing, China), Liam, and others on some very exciting science!  We describe studies of field-effect transistor devices prepared from solution-processable, low-dispersity, electroactive fibre-like micelles of controlled length from pi-conjugated diblock copolymers. The resulting charge carrier mobility strongly depends on both the degree of polymerization of the core-forming block and the fibre length, and is independent of corona composition.

Book on supramolecular amphiphiles published!

Alex, Kazu and Charl contributed a chapter to an RSC book on supramolecular amphiphiles, edited by our collaborator and colleague, Prof Xi Zhang from the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. The book, with a chapter from Bristol focusing on the use of electrostatic interactions for the formation of supra-amphiphiles, has just been published!

Great to have had the chance to contribute to this exciting book in the RSC’s Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry series!

Paper with Yaozu, Jens and Arne accepted for publication!

We just heard the good news that a paper with former post-doc Yaozu (now a professor at Donghua University in Shanghai), and close collaborators Jens Weber (Zittau) and Arne Thomas (TU Berlin) have been accepted for publication in Chemistry of Materials.

More details to follow on the paper “Conjugated Microporous Polycarbazole Networks as Precursors for Nitrogen Enriched Microporous Carbons for CO2 Storage and Electrochemical Capacitors“.  Well done to all involved!

Liam co-author on a JACS paper from the Manners group!

Liam contributed to a paper that just appeared online at JACS entitled “Uniform “Patchy” Platelets by Seeded Heteroepitaxial Growth of Crystallizable Polymer Blends in Two Dimensions“.

The study demonstrates that the 2D crystallization-driven self-assembly approach (developed by close collaborator, and Liam’s joint supervisor Ian Manners) can be extended to heteroepitaxial growth by the use of different crystallizable polymers with compatible crystal structures. This allows the formation of well-defined “patchy” rectangular platelets and platelet block co-micelles with different core chemistries.

Well done Liam!