Pete Skabara visiting the FRG

Prof Pete Skabara, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Materials Chemistry C and based at the University of Strathclyde, visited the FRG and the School of Chemistry today.


He gave an excellent lecture (preceded by talks by Geri Echue (FRG) and Huibin Qiu (Manners group) as part of the Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Section seminar series.


JACS communication!

The final paper from Rumman’s efforts (during his PhD and one-year postdoc here in Bristol) appeared in the latest edition of JACS!  This output forms part of a very fruitful collaboration between the Faul and Manners research groups.


The use of ionic self-assembly to access non-conventional block copolymer morphologies, including tetragonal and helical structures, from a combination of polyferrocenylsilane diblock copolymer polyelectrolytes and AOT-based surfactants, is described in the communication. Congratulations to all involved!