Angel at UCLA

Angel is visiting the Kaner lab at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. This visit represents a good opportunity to exchange ideas and learn different techniques to characterise organic semiconductors.

Angel’s project involves the use of bio-inspired motifs to achieve control over molecular architectures of oligoaniline-based materials. One of his objectives is to grow anisotropic materials and measure their conductivity properties.

Jessica – who visited the University of Bristol two years ago – is the senior student who has kindly offered to share her expertise on these topics. As their first experience together, Jessica took Angel to a Transmission Electron Microscopy session in the Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines (EICN).

Angel has completed one of the two lab safety training sessions required before he can work in the chemistry lab. Safety is an important aspect in every lab; here are some pictures of the fire extinguisher training and some places around the UCLA campus.

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