Continuing to Kyoto…

Charl continued his short trip to Kyoto University, where he visited the world-leading research laboratories of Prof Hiroshi Kitagawa. This visit was an opportunity to renew the long-standing interactions (interrupted by COVID!), and to explore new opportunities for joint symposia, student and staff exchanges, and collaborative research activities. Here Charl is with Prof Kitagawa, and his group (in front of the Clifton Suspension Bridge!).

A visit to National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan

Charl is currently visiting colleagues and potential collaborators in Japan. His short visit started with a wonderful visit at the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba in Japan. He was hosted by Dr Takashi Nakanishi (Group Leader, Frontier Molecules Group), and had the pleasure of having three generations of Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces together: Ken Sakaushi (2013–2015), Charl (2001–2004) and Takashi (2007–2010).

New paper in Adv. Mater.: “Selective CO₂ Electroreduction from Tuneable Naphthalene-Based Porous Polyimide Networks”

Excited to announce Basiram and Dr. Baker‘s latest openly accessible article in Adv. Mater. entitled “Selective CO2 electroreduction from tuneable naphthalene-based porous polyimide networks” detailing exciting new metal-free materials for CO2 capture & reduction.

First viva success of 2023

Congratulations from all of the Faul Group to Nouf Zaghloul who passed her PhD viva on 26th January. Her research featured novel contributions to science concerning scribe-on: writing wearable, flexible and stretchable electronics with polyaniline.

She leaves the group to continue in scientific research at the University of Bath. Best of luck.

Thank you to Dr Shirin Alexander of Swansea University for her time in the process.

Ending 2022 on a high note!

Congratulations to Julia and Ben on their paper in ACS Applied Polymer Materials. The study shows the potential of our aniline-based conjugated microporous polymers for azobenzene dye removal from wastewaters, and opens up a wide range of new and exciting opportunities to contribute to addressing global challenges.

This post is also a great opportunity to thank all Faul Group members, collaborators and friends a peaceful Festive Season, and all the very best for 2023!