Good students, potential short-term visitors and post-dosc are always welcome to contact Prof. Charl Faul to discuss opportunities to join the FRG. See below for more details.

Masters by Research (M.Res) candidates:

If you are interested in joining the FRG as M.Res student, and keen to gain experience and do a one-year Masters’ research project, please contact Prof. Charl FJ Faul at any time.

PhD candidates & Short-term Research Visitors:

EU/UK students: Please contact Prof. Charl FJ Faul if you have obtained a first-class M.Sci (or equivalent) degree, or are expecting to graduate before the start of the academic year in October each year to discuss available funding opportunities.

Please provide a CV and two letters of reference.

Chinese candidates:

CSC/UoB Scholarship Scheme: The UoB has launched a new scholarship scheme in collaboration with the CSC. The number of available scholarships will increase by 20 every year (2019 intake – 60, 2020 intake – 80 and 2021 intake 100). The call is usually published mid-October, with deadlines for submission early January.

Please note – the deadlines for this joint scholarship scheme is different from the standard CSC scheme (with application window late March to early April).

One-year CSC Visitors: If you are interested to visit the Faul Research Group for up to one year, please contact Prof. Faul in July (for a September submission) and January (for an April submission)

Other short-term visitors: Please contact Prof. Charl FJ Faul with a CV and two letters of reference.

International students: Please contact Prof. Charl FJ Faul with a CV and two letters of reference.

Post-doctoral research fellows

Applying for funds (at any time):

If you are interested in joining the FRG by applying to a local government scheme in your country, please contact Prof. Charl FJ Faul well in advance of the deadline with details of your intended application.

Royal Society Newton Fellowship Scheme:

This scheme is for non-UK scientists from most countries who are

1) at an early stage of their research career (<7 years after obtaining their PhD),

2) not currently in the UK,

3) and who wish to conduct research in the UK.

Calls usually open in February every year, with deadlines usually around mid-March.  Please contact Prof. Charl FJ Faul in December through February if you are interest to apply.

Please see here for more information, with eligibility  criteria and detailed information here from previous calls.

Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellowships:

Please contact Prof. Faul in May of each year to enquire about the possibility to be hosted as a MSC Fellow. Please note you are not allowed to have spent more than 1 year in the last 3 years (before the application deadline) in the UK to be able to apply.

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