Fellowships and joining the Faul Research Group

As we are approaching the grant writing season, I thought it good to highlight upcoming opportunities to join the FRG.  These might not be suitable for all candidates, so please read carefully:

If you have >10 publications and patents, and are not based in the UK, it might be possible to apply for a prestigious EU Marie Curie Fellowship. There are a number of schemes, including International Incoming Fellowships (for researchers based outside the EU) and Intra-European Fellowships (if you have spent at least the last 18 months within the EU, irrespective of your nationality).  Please only contact me if are over the threshold of 10 publications. Internal deadline for submissions of applications is mid August, so please contact me if you think you are eligible.

UoB Graduation ceremony in Beijing

Charl attended the University of Bristol‘s first graduation ceremony in China on Saturday, held in ChinaWorld Hotel in Beijing. There were more than 200 students who received their degrees, including Li Ye, one of the first BCFN Masters’ students!

It was wonderful to share this experience with him – congratulations Li!  See also the UoB’s Weibo pages for more photos and further details (in Chinese!).

Networking in China …

Charl is spending his last few days in China networking and meeting colleagues from all over the world (but mostly from Europe!):  at the end of last week he joined the Euraxess Share Event (at the impressive French Embassy in down-town Beijing), and will join the Sino-German symposium (“Frontiers of Functional Supramolecular Systems”) at Tsinghua (Monday and Tuesday this week).


He also attended the UoB’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, the 20th of April, but more on that in a separate post!

Tsinghua Xuetang lectures at an end…

After a number of lectures introducing liquid crystals and soft matter to the undergraduate students from the Department of Chemistry at Tsinghua University, Charl’s time in China is slowly coming to an end.

CharlTsinghuaXueTang_smallHere a photo of Charl with some of the students who joined the course! Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this a very enjoyable experience!


Charl in China…

Charl has been in China for the past two weeks, lecturing at the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, in their Tsinghua Xuetang programme for undergraduate students (“Introduction to Liquid Crystals and Soft Matter”), as well as joining in discussion with Prof Xi Zhang and his group on various collaborative projects.

Tsinghua XuetangHe has just arrived in snowy Changchun today, where he will give a research seminar at the College of Chemistry, Jilin University, invited by Prof Junqi Sun.