Review paper with Luke in Materials Advances!

A review by Luke, co-supervised PhD student from the Tabor group (and visitor before the pandemic!), on azobenzene isomerisation in condensed matter has just appeared in the latest issues of Materials Advances.

Azobenzene-based materials have found applications in a wide variety of systems as a convenient method to induce photo-responsive behaviour through facile trans (E) to cis (Z) isomerization. Of particular interest are condensed matter systems; however, isomerization of azobenzene faces unique challenges in condensed systems when compared with dilute states This review explored the challenges experienced in condensed matter phases, and proposes solutions for future development of light-responsive soft-matter systems.

Well done Luke!

Paper with collaborators from UCL now published in AFM!

A paper, with contributions from Pan and Charl, with collaborators at UCL (Schroeder group), has now appeared in Advanced Functional Materials!

The work, led by Bob Schroeder, and first author Zilu Liu, describes how the thermoelectric properties of coordination polymers can be controlled by ligand design. The synthesis of three different organic ligands and their incorporation into organometallic coordination polymers with distinct thermoelectric properties is presented. Notably,  it was demonstrated, for the first time, that the n- or p-type thermoelectric character of the OMCP materials can be tuned via organic ligand modifications.

Well done to all involved!

International Supramolecular System Symposium (ISSS 2015)

Charl is attending the International Supramolecular System Symposium (ISSS 2015) in Changchun, China, organised by Prof Lee from the Key State Laboratory for Supramolecular Structure and Materials at Jilin University.


A very exciting symposium with two days of top international plenary speakers only! Bristol was well represented, with Ian Manners giving a spectacular talk …

IMG_1629 2

and Charl chairing the first session!

Visit and talk at MANA, NIMS in Tsukuba

Terry McMaster and Charl visited the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA), a prestigious world premier institute and part of the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS), in Tsukuba, on Wednesday afternoon.


They were hosted by Prof Masa Aono, director of MANA, during their very brief visit, which included talks and a short laboratory tour. Although very brief, it was a great opportunity to meet with prof Aono and colleagues.

2 Reasons to be cheerful!

There might be many more reasons to be cheerful, but we would like to mention at least two here! Charl has recently taken on more responsibility (in addition to his research activities) within the School of Chemistry. He is now “Director of Graduate Recruitment”, and in charge of all graduate recruitment (home, EU and international, both MRes and PhD) for the School of Chemistry …

On the research front, we heard yesterday that Tom’s recently published paper has now been selected by Soft Matter as one of their “Hot Papers” for August. The paper is featured on the Soft Matter blog, and is available for free download!