Heidelberg-Kyoto-Bristol Symposium 2015

A “Chemistry and Materials Session” was organised (by Charl) to take place on Friday, 6th of November, as part of the HKB Symposium 2015.  With an exciting line-up of speakers, and a poster session at the end of the day it was a great opportunity to learn about local and international science!


The event ended on a high note with a speakers dinner held at the M-Shed Industrial Museum at the harbour side in Bristol.

Bristol-Heidelberg-Kyoto Symposium, University of Bristol/M-Shed

Photographer: Bhagesh Sachania  (group photo).

Talk and posters with Prof. Akagi (Kyoto)

The FRG had the pleasure of hosting Prof. Kazuo Akagi from Kyoto University today.  After a beautiful talk about helical poly(acetylene)s, and polymerisations in anisotropic media, the whole group interacted with Prof. Akagi over posters, coffee and pastries!

Kazu then had the chance to catch up with his former PhD supervisor!


Fascinating talk by Jan van Esch!

As Jan was visiting Bristol, he agreed to give a research seminar on some of the latest work from his group. In front of a packed seminar room Jan gave a fascinating talk on “Out-of-equilibrium biomimetic systems by dynamic and dissipative self-assembly”


Jan’s talk led to some lively discussion afterwards!