Fascinating talk by Jan van Esch!

As Jan was visiting Bristol, he agreed to give a research seminar on some of the latest work from his group. In front of a packed seminar room Jan gave a fascinating talk on “Out-of-equilibrium biomimetic systems by dynamic and dissipative self-assembly”


Jan’s talk led to some lively discussion afterwards!

James’s paper published in Small

James’s paper entitled Imaging the Predicted Isomerism of Oligo(aniline)s: A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study has just been published online in the micro- and nanotechnology journal Small!


The work was performed in collaboration with Prof. Heinrich Hoerber in Physics and Dr Neil Fox in Chemistry. For the first time, we have directly observed the cis and trans isomers of tetra(aniline)s in the half-oxidised EB state. Our findings shed light on why oligo(aniline)s do not always self-assemble as easily as other materials, and how we could improve their properties.