Dr Mills!

Ben had his viva at the end of last week, and performed exceptionally well! A perfect way to end his PhD, and a very good reason to end the week on a high note with cake, fizz and celebrations!benvivaHere Ben is celebrating with Simon Hall (internal examiner), Charl and Uwe Bunz (external examiner). More photos of the celebrations to follow! Well done Ben!

Talks by Pete, Carl and Uwe Bunz!

Pete shared some of his latest results in a mini symposium as part of Prof. Ryota Sakamota’s visit, while Carl gave an excellent talk before our main speaker of the day – Prof Uwe Bunz from Heidelberg.

uwebunzUwe gave a great talk on some exciting new approaches to chemical sensors (so-called “chemical tongues”). Great talks, and exciting science all around!


Busy two weeks coming up!

We have a busy two weeks coming up – with Pete and Carl speaking at two mini symposia connected to two international speakers this week [Prof Sakamoto and Prof Bunz]. These events will be followed by Ben’s viva on Friday, and another symposium next week (Prof Pietrangelo, where Ben will be speaking).

Updates and photos to follow!