Poster session with the Akagi group

An Akagi group poster session was organised on the day that Charl visited. This was a great opportunity to discuss science, and see some of the beautiful results from the students in the group!

Dinner group photo

Poster session group photo

Everyone had a great time, especially as we went for a lovely dinner afterwards! We now look forward to hosting some colleagues from Kyoto in Bristol!

Visiting Jiangtao in Xi’an

Charl visited the Xi’an Jiaotong University earlier this week to meet up with a former FRG group member and collaborator Jiangtao Feng! Jiangtao is now a member of faculty at the Department of Environmental Science and Technology.

Lecturing!Answering a question

Charl gave a lecture, met with several of the students in Prof Yan’s group, and discussed various joint projects! It was great to catch up with Jiangtao again!



Charl at Tsinghua University, Beijing

Charl (and Jacqueline) arrived in Beijing last week. Charl was formally awarded an adjunct professorship by Prof Xi Zhang (Head of the Department of Chemistry and Dean, Faculty of Science) after an introduction by Dr Huaping Xu (associate professor, Department of Chemistry). Huaping ended off his introductory remarks with the following quote from Henry Ford:

Coming together is a beginning,

Staying together is progress,

Working together is success.

Charl then proceeded to give a short acceptance speech, before launching into his first lecture (of a series introducing liquid crystals and soft matter) as part of the Tsinghua Xuetang programme. Charl and Prof Zhang then worked together, with Prof Zhang kindly providing some help and further explanations in Chinese to some of the students!