Paper in Macromolecules!

Yaozu, who is now back in China at Donghua University, and Ben and Zack (with our collaborator Jens Weber, in Germany) just had a paper accepted for publication in Macromolecules.

CMP1This study focused on the use of conjugated microporous polymer networks (prepared using Buchwald-Hartwig cross-coupling reactions with hexaphenylbenzene-based matierlas) for gas uptake. Very impressively, these systems can take more than 300 weight % of iodine up!  Porosities and uptake capacities can also be tuned by changing the redox state of these materials!  Well done to all!

Tom’s paper in PCCP!

A paper by Tom, another former FRG member and joint PhD student with long-standing collaborator Dr Wuge Briscoe, on the influence of solvent polarity on the structure of TANI-surfactant thin films has been accepted for publication by Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics!

TomPCCPTom, who just finished a post-doc at the ESRF in Grenoble, investigated the influence of processing solvents on supramolecular structure formation using grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction (GIXS).  Well done to all those who contributed, including Alex and Ben from the FRG!

Geri’s paper accepted in Langmuir!

Geri, a former PhD student in the FRG, and now doing a post-doc at MANA, part of the National Institute of Materials Science in Tsukuba, Japan, published the last paper from her PhD work in Langmuir. This output was a collaborative effort with Ian Hamley from Reading, and her second supervisor Guy Lloyd-Jones, now at Edinburgh.

ChiralPDIsIonic self-assembled complexes of chiral perylene tectons were prepared and characterised in detail. See the just-accepted paper here!  Well done Geri!

Short- and long-term visitors in the group

We have had a number of visitors to the group. Firstly we have May, who won a Nuffield Foundation Research Placement Scholarship, and will be spending 4 weeks in the group, exploring novel dye-surfactant supramolecular complexes.

thumb_IMG_9984_1024Rui Yao, a 6-month visitor from Nanjing, where he is doing his PhD, arrived last week.

And finally, we have Jack Underhill, who has visited the group twice before, working alongside May on dye-surfactant supramolecular complexes.