Welcoming new international students at BISC!

The group helped, as usual, to make new international students feel welcome and at home in Bristol – by cooking an evening meal for them at BISC (Bristol International Student Centre)!  This year we enjoyed using the new extension at BISC, and served 160 meals (choice of 5 mains, and two puddings, with salad, of course) with great ease!

Well done to the cooking team! Thanks also to Jack, who spent several summers in the lab, who came long to help as well!

47 minutes for BISC!

Xiaoyu ran the Bristol 10k on Sunday for Bisc with a number of other international students, volunteers (and Jacqueline!). They all ran to help to raise money for the building project to extend the building at Bisc – a home away from home for all international students.

He ran an amazing time of 47 minutes – without any training! Well done Xiaoyu, and all the others for completing the race!

Breaking a sweat for BISC!

Bristol International Student Centre (or better known as BISC) is the home away from home for all international students. BISC is turning 40 this year, and lots of people are helping to raise funds for a building project at the BISC premises.

Kazu helped out at the Gala Fundraising Dinner on Saturday evening (and washed hundreds of dishes!), and Horatio ran the Bristol 10K on Sunday (in the impressive time of 47 minutes!).


Well done both, and thanks for your efforts!  Happy Birthday BISC!

The FRG setting a new record at BISC!

In this busy time of the year, and many new students arriving in Bristol, the FRG helped out at BISC, a local charity that helps to welcome international students. As in previous years, a team led by “Chef Charl” cooked Welcome Meals for international students.  Sadly Angel and Dicker had left by the time this photo was taken:


We broke the record set last year, and prepared and served more than 140 meals on Tuesday evening! Well done!