1st Bristol-Tsinghua “Frontiers of Chemical Sciences” Symposium

We had the pleasure of hosting a group of colleagues from the Department of Chemistry from Tsinghua University, Beijing, here in Bristol! Great to have Prof Xun Wang, Lei Liu and others all contributing to a fantastic one-day symposium! Here a photo of speakers and those involved in the symposium.

Thanks to all involved for a great day of exciting science! We are already looking forward to the next instalment – in Beijing in 2020!

Charl teaching at Tsinghua

Charl is back in Beijing at Tsinghua, teaching an introductory course on liquid crystals and soft matter on the Tsinghua Xuetang programme. His host is prof Xi Zhang, who will visit Bristol in May this year.

Before the lecture series starts, there was an opportunity to enjoy good weather and clear skies to see Beijing from a different perspective!

Alex’s paper accepted for publication in JACS!

We have just heard that Alex’s manuscript into the formation of conductive self-assembled nanowires based on TANI-surfactants has been accepted for publication in JACS!  This study was a multi-researcher international collaborative effort, with contributions from Aalto University, Tsinghua University and the BCFN in Bristol!


More details to follow … but in the meantime congratulations to all who contributed!

The BCFN in China … visiting Tsinghua!

Peter is in China with a group of staff and students from the BCFN, including Charl (who organised the trip!).  They spent the day at the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, hosted by Professors Xi Zhang, Dongsheng Liu and Assoc Prof Zhongqiang Yang.


In addition to a lunch-time poster session, all students gave talks!  Here photos of Pete in action!

IMG_1317 copy

IMG_1329 copy

Back in Beijing

Charl is currently in Beijing in his role as adjunct professor at Tsinghua University, teaching an introductory course on liquid crystals and soft matter. This visit is also an opportunity to discuss research and collaboration with colleagues in the Department of Chemistry.

Charl is also attending the University of Bristol’s China graduation ceremony (and alumni meetings) this weekend, where he is representing the Faculty of Science.  Busy weekend ahead!

Updates and photos to follow soon!