China graduation – and Joey graduating

Charl attended the University of Bristol China graduation (for the third time!).  He saw many students from Bristol, as well as three chemistry graduates! Here the three (Chuhui, Hao and Xuechun) are celebrating with Charl and Professor Tim Gallagher, Dean of Science!

More importantly, Joey Liu, who dis his extended project (as part of his MSc in Nanoscience and Functional Nanomaterials) in the Faul group, also graduated!

Well done Joey!

Alex’s paper accepted for publication in JACS!

We have just heard that Alex’s manuscript into the formation of conductive self-assembled nanowires based on TANI-surfactants has been accepted for publication in JACS!  This study was a multi-researcher international collaborative effort, with contributions from Aalto University, Tsinghua University and the BCFN in Bristol!


More details to follow … but in the meantime congratulations to all who contributed!

Paper accepted – Small!

A paper by (Dr) Ben Brown, entitled “Reversible Conductive-AFM Patterning of Organic Semiconductors” was accepted by Small! The study outlines a conductive-AFM redox-writing (cAROW) technique, and show that it is possible to locally, and reversibly, pattern conducting and non-conducting features on the surface of oligo(aniline)s.


This project was done in close collaboration with Dr Loren Picco and Prof Mervyn Miles FRS, from the Nanophysics and Soft Matter group in School of Physics.  It is obvious from the image that Ben (now working for GE in Bristol) was sponsored by the BCFN!

Charl in Thailand … exploring collaborations and doing recruitment!

Charl is currently in Thailand, with a number of academics from the UoB (including Dr Emma Turner from the BCS) and Janie Digby-Lee from the UoB’s International Office. Charl and Janie attended an OCSC Placement day on Friday, as well as various recruitment events.

They also visited Harrow International School earlier the week, where Charl spoke to science students about his research. Charl and Emma will be visiting Kasetsart University tomorrow, talking about the BCFN and the BCS, amongst others!