Charl speaking in Shanghai

Charl was invited to deliver a keynote lecture at the 10th International Conference on Advanced Fibers and Polymer Materials (ICAFPM 2021), held at Donghua University, Shanghai, China. As travel is still restricted due to COVID-19, Charl Zoomed over to Shanghai to deliver his lecture on N-containing conjugated microporous polymers early Monday morning! He also joined the State Key Laboratory’s International Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday!

It was also an opportunity to congratulate Donghua University on it’s 70th birthday, and celebrate the 10th edition of the ICAFPM conference series.

Visiting Yaozu in Shanghai

Yaozu put together a one-day symposium on advanced functional materials and supramolecular chemistry at Donghua University, Shanghai, where he now holds a professorship.

img_2772He invited a number of speakers (including Arne Thomas from Berlin, and Charl!), as well as a number of local colleagues who also spent time in Bristol as post docs.

donghuameeting_sept2016It was a great day of exciting science, spanning fundamental science all the way through to real-word applications. Well done Yaozu!

Conference tour in China

Charl is currently in China for a short conference tour. He is starting in Beijing, where he is speaking at the Porous Organic Polymers meeting (held in the impressive Chinese Academy of Science’s Academic Hall).

cas_hallCharl will then also visit former FRG group member Yaozu Liao at Donghua University in Shanghai, to take part in an exciting one-day symposium (organised by Yaozu). Finally, Charl will use the opportunity to visit and give an invited lecture at Suzhou University.