Yaozu’s paper appeared online!

Yaozu’s paper in Macromolecules on novel porous materials based on perylene diimides and triazines have appeared online! This exciting work (in collaboration with Jens Weber) discusses the preparation of porous and related carbon materials, and their excellent selectivity and capability for CO2 uptake.


Please read more here!

Interested in doing a PhD or a Masters by research?


Are you interested in joining a multidisciplinary research group in one of the UK’s leading chemistry departments (in the very vibrant city Bristol – see this incredible video!) to do a PhD, or a one-year Masters by Research? A number of possibilities exist in exciting project areas, including:

  • CO2 capture and storage,
  • functional electroactive materials for use in novel LC’s, 3D printing and energy storage applications
  • novel complex hierarchical materials

If you are interested in any of these areas, please see our “Positions” page for details on how to apply.