Viva and conference success

Many congratulations to Dr Veronica Del Angel Hernandez who passed her PhD viva last week. We wish her continued success in her postdoctoral research associate position within the Cooper Group at the University of Liverpool.

Further celebrations are in order for group members Neha Yadav and Basiram Narzary. Both are both recipients of prizes at last week’s GWPore conference for contributing with a talk on polymer formation using cyclic carbonates from CO2 and a poster discussing CO2 capture and conversion using microporous materials (see below), respectively.

Conference season…

Huan and Veronica recently joined the RSC Materials Chemistry Division poster symposium. This was a virtual conference, and held on the RSC’s conference platform.

Attendees had to create a one-minute flash presentation, as well as a full poster! Both Huan and Veronica did a great job, and engaged with this new platform – congratulations!

Huan’s screen cast! Very nice!

Veronica’s poster, also showing the layout of the conference platform with various virtual meeting rooms!

Success in France!

Ben, Alex and Carl attended the 17th CNRS Colloquium on Anisotropic Self-Organised Systems, held in Autrans in France, 8 – 11 September (with generous support from the Bristol Alumni Foundation – thanks!). They had a great time discussing their science with physicists and chemists, including our close collaborators Olli Ikkala and Patrice Rannou (who also was one of co-organizers).


Finally, we heard recently that Carl won one of six poster prizes! Well done Carl!