Review paper with Luke in Materials Advances!

A review by Luke, co-supervised PhD student from the Tabor group (and visitor before the pandemic!), on azobenzene isomerisation in condensed matter has just appeared in the latest issues of Materials Advances.

Azobenzene-based materials have found applications in a wide variety of systems as a convenient method to induce photo-responsive behaviour through facile trans (E) to cis (Z) isomerization. Of particular interest are condensed matter systems; however, isomerization of azobenzene faces unique challenges in condensed systems when compared with dilute states This review explored the challenges experienced in condensed matter phases, and proposes solutions for future development of light-responsive soft-matter systems.

Well done Luke!

Charl invited to speak in Hobart

Charl was invited to speak at the Australasian Colloid and Interface Society’s Biennial symposium in Hobart, Tasmania!  He spoke about some of the work from the FRG in the area of electroactive materials.


It has been a great meeting so far and a good chance to meet up with some old friends (like Dr Rico Tabor, now from Monash University)! And all of this taking place in a wonderful setting!

Olli Ikkala, Nikolay Houbenov (from Helsinki) and the White Bear

Long-standing collaborators, Prof Olli Ikkala and Dr Nikolay Houbenov from the Molecular Materials Group at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland), visited the FRG on Thursday and Friday. In order to welcome them, and all the new arrivals in the Faul and Hall groups, we went to the White Bear!


Olli ended his visit on Friday afternoon with a stimulating presentation in the Centre for NSQI.