Research Associate position available in Smart Functional Materials for Soft Matter Actuators within the Faul Research Group

We are looking for a world-class materials chemist with a high degree of innovative spirit and enthusiasm to operate at the very cutting edge of materials synthesis and preparation for robotics and healthcare research. You will join a vibrant and exciting research project led by the University of Bristol with partners University College London, Imperial College London and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and will work with 20 leading professors and clinicians and a team of 17 research and technical staff across multiple disciplines including soft robotics, materials engineering, tissue and bioengineering, bio-interfacing, synthetic biology and surgery.

The position will be based in the Faul Research Group, within the School of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science. You will have access to world-class infrastructure and facilities within the School of Chemistry (NMR, MS, Chemical Imaging Suite (EM/AFM), X-ray). The successful candidate will work closely with Faul Research Group members working on related soft robotics project, as well as project partners in the Biomaterials Engineering group (bioMEG)), the Bristol Soft Robotics Laboratories and the Faculties of Engineering and Life Sciences.

More details available here.

Welcome to new Faul Group members

Pleased to welcome (from left to right) Shaohua (perylene diimide self-assembling materials), Ziqiu, Leo (biocompatible polymeric actuators), Daniel (conjugated microporous materials for antibacterial applications) and Jerry (perylene-based polyimide networks for CO2 capture and conversion).

Shaohua, Ziqiu, Leo and Jerry are Bristol undergraduates joining the group for summer projects and Daniel joins to complete his MSc associated with the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials.