China graduation – and Joey graduating

Charl attended the University of Bristol China graduation (for the third time!).  He saw many students from Bristol, as well as three chemistry graduates! Here the three (Chuhui, Hao and Xuechun) are celebrating with Charl and Professor Tim Gallagher, Dean of Science!

More importantly, Joey Liu, who dis his extended project (as part of his MSc in Nanoscience and Functional Nanomaterials) in the Faul group, also graduated!

Well done Joey!

Charl teaching at Tsinghua

Charl is back in Beijing at Tsinghua, teaching an introductory course on liquid crystals and soft matter on the Tsinghua Xuetang programme. His host is prof Xi Zhang, who will visit Bristol in May this year.

Before the lecture series starts, there was an opportunity to enjoy good weather and clear skies to see Beijing from a different perspective!

Bristol the best place to live in the UK … and has the steepest street as well!

Bristol was voted, for the second time, as the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday Times.

“We sum the city up as cool, classy and supremely creative.”  And we agree!

We are also inclined to point towards the following important announcement:  Vale Street, in Totterdown in Bristol, has the steepest street in the UK, at an incline of almost 22°!

Liam co-author on a JACS paper from the Manners group!

Liam contributed to a paper that just appeared online at JACS entitled “Uniform “Patchy” Platelets by Seeded Heteroepitaxial Growth of Crystallizable Polymer Blends in Two Dimensions“.

The study demonstrates that the 2D crystallization-driven self-assembly approach (developed by close collaborator, and Liam’s joint supervisor Ian Manners) can be extended to heteroepitaxial growth by the use of different crystallizable polymers with compatible crystal structures. This allows the formation of well-defined “patchy” rectangular platelets and platelet block co-micelles with different core chemistries.

Well done Liam!

Dr Mills!

Ben had his viva at the end of last week, and performed exceptionally well! A perfect way to end his PhD, and a very good reason to end the week on a high note with cake, fizz and celebrations!benvivaHere Ben is celebrating with Simon Hall (internal examiner), Charl and Uwe Bunz (external examiner). More photos of the celebrations to follow! Well done Ben!