Kazu in Kyoto, and Charl in Dublin

Kazu is currently in Kyoto, doing some further measurements on some of his new chiral materials. He was awarded a travel grant by the University of Bristol’s International Strategic Fund, so will be doing circularly polarised luminescence measurements for two weeks in the group of Prof Kazuo Akagi!


In the meantime Charl has travelled to Trinity College Dublin (invited by Rachel Evans) to give a talk!


Back in Changchun!

Charl had the pleasure of visiting the State Key Laboratory of Supramolecular Structure and Materials at Jilin University again.  He gave a lecture as part of their State Key Lab lecture series (invited by Professors Junqi Sun and Wenke Zhang), before enjoying a very interesting half-day mini symposium with a number of  young faculty.

_MG_9005 copy

We look forward to hosting visitors from Changchun in Bristol soon!

Juvaid visiting for 3 months from the IIT Madras

Juvaid joined the FRG last week on a short-term 3-month visit from the IIT Madras, India, on an Oxford Instruments scholarship, in conjunction with the BCFN. He will be working with Dr Andy Collins (from the BCFN) on characterising the optoelectronic properties of TANI nanowires.


Welcome Juvaid!