Saravanan at ICONN 2013 conference, INDIA

Saravanan at ICONN 2013 conference, INDIA

Saravanan attended the International conference on nanoscience and nanotechnology (ICONN2013), held in Chennai, India (18-20 March 2013). This excellent conference was organized by SRM university. Saravanan presented the latest results from his research (”Liquid-crystalline tetra(aniline)s for photovoltaic applications”). This was an excellent opportunity to meet the national and international scientists and students from various parts of the world (India, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Switzerland, Ireland, USA, Germany, etc).

It was a very good trip!!!!

[Photo: From left to right Dr. Ajay Tiwari (Shizuoka University, Japan), Dr. Saravanan and Dr. V. Madhu Mohan (Shizuoka University, Japan)].

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