Angel leaving UCLA

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Angel’s fruitful visit to Prof. Kaner’s lab in UCLA has come to an end. Angel concluded the two month visit with a talk about how the visit has helped him with his project. In particular, he spoke about the synthesis of new tetra(aniline)-based materials covalently linked to bio-inspired moieties and their interesting self-assembling properties. The feedback from the Kaner group members was that the talk gave an informative and accessible introduction to a bio-inspired approach to the key challenges on the field of organic semiconductors. These comments are satisfactory, if we consider that this presentation was addressed to an audience largely involved in inorganic and graphene research projects.

Angel has learnt some self-assembly and microscopy characterization methods of organic semiconductors during his stay at UCLA. The important information produced from these experiments will help improve his knowledge of the structure-property relationship of tetra(aniline)-based materials. This understanding will be useful when designing new functional materials for applications such as biosensors or stem cell growth. In the Faul group, we expect that the experience acquired by Angel during his visit will help strengthen the experimental skills in the Faul lab at the University of Bristol.

Charl and Angel would like to thank Prof. Kaner, Jessica and all the other people that kindly offered their time, experience and patience. We believe that collaborations like this play a crucial role in  achieving outstanding and exciting advances in the field of materials science, and especially in the tetra(aniline)-based materials area. Thus, we hope that this collaboration will continue to strengthen through time, yielding more exciting scientific results.

This trip would not have been possible without the funding awarded by an EPSRC “Building Global Engagements” grant. Angel is a Mexican PhD student in his third year of studies in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol and is funded by a CONACyT scholarship. In particular, Angel would like to express his gratitude to Ms. Cathy Fleet and Ms. Lucie Sedlakova in the University of Bristol Finance office for their help arranging this trip, and to his labmates Ben, Carl and Saravanan for their extraordinary long-distance support.


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