Liam MacFarlane

10418406_10204228210287701_6224441012795923096_nLiam has lived in many places across the UK including Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Aberdeenshire. He moved to Bristol in 2014 to join the groups of Charl Faul and Ian Manners after completing his MChem Chemistry undergraduate degree at The University of Warwick. Liam’s work will explore the self-assembly of conductive poly(thiophene) containing polymers through crystallisation-driven and ionic self-assembly. During his time as an undergraduate he has also worked in the labs of Sumod Pullarkat, NTU, Singapore and Andrew Dove, Warwick, UK. His final year project was based on novel applications of polymeric micelles in hydrogel materials. In his spare time Liam enjoys skiing (weather permitting) as well as pool and social squash matches.

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