Vidhi Shah

Vidhi was born in Jalgaon, India. In 2014, she obtained her Master’s degree in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology from Gujarat Technological University, India.  She completed a research project entitled ‘Quality by Design approach for an in-situ gelling microemulsion of Lorazepam via intranasal route’ under Dr. R. K. Parikh. She is pursuing PhD at Shah Schulman center for surface science and nanotechnology, Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, India. Her research focuses on understanding surfactant kinetics and developing surfactant based stimuli responsive nanocarriers for cancer. She joined the Faul group in June 2017 as a visiting student under the Newton Bhabha fellowship program. She will be working on the encapsulation of poorly soluble anti cancer drugs in the electroactive surfactants for targeting the cancer cells.