Pongsathon Boonrod

Pongsathon Nan Boonrod was born in eastern Thailand and spent her high school years in a science boarding school west of Bangkok. Her area of interest is organic chemistry, especially organic synthesis. In 2015, she completed a BSc in chemistry from Mahidol University, Thailand with a project relating to chiral resolution of naturally occurring compounds. She has moved to Bristol for postgraduate studies at the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (BCFN), with sponsorship from the Royal Thai Government Scholarship since 2016.

Nan joined the Faul group in May 2017 for a BCFN extended project on the design of nitrogen-rich materials for gas adsorption through synthetic and computational approaches, jointly supervised by Charl and Natalie Fey from the School of Chemistry.

In her free time, Nan enjoys surfing the internet, playing tabletop games, and translating educational YouTube video subtitles.