Beatriz Flores

Beatriz grew up in Mexico and she received her bachelors degree in Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering at UDLAP in Puebla, Mexico. During her time as an undergraduate, she  completed a five-week program in Micro- and Nanotechnology in Grenoble, France.

In her final year, as part of her senior project, she investigated the photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanoparticles for water treatment. After graduating she spent one year doing an internship at IPICYT where she worked in the synthesis of carbon nanostructures using chemical vapour deposition.

In September 2016, she joined the BCFN at the University of Bristol.  She is working in a project called “Toward Single Fibre-like Micelle Field-Effect Transistors”.
In her spare time Beatriz enjoys reading, travelling and watching anime.