Birthdays don’t need to be large-scale events…

To celebrate a birthday within the group, Carl used his expertise in 2-photon polymerisation and 3D lithography to produce this 15 micrometer scale birthday cake!  The cake was part of Carl and Alex’s birthday celebrations, a much larger scale event!

carl_cake1Too small to be seen with the naked eye, this image was taken with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).  Happy birthday Carl and Alex!

Interested in doing a PhD or a Masters by research?


Are you interested in joining a multidisciplinary research group in one of the UK’s leading chemistry departments (in the very vibrant city Bristol – see this incredible video!) to do a PhD, or a one-year Masters by Research? A number of possibilities exist in exciting project areas, including:

  • CO2 capture and storage,
  • functional electroactive materials for use in novel LC’s, 3D printing and energy storage applications
  • novel complex hierarchical materials

If you are interested in any of these areas, please see our “Positions” page for details on how to apply.


Olli Ikkala, Nikolay Houbenov (from Helsinki) and the White Bear

Long-standing collaborators, Prof Olli Ikkala and Dr Nikolay Houbenov from the Molecular Materials Group at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland), visited the FRG on Thursday and Friday. In order to welcome them, and all the new arrivals in the Faul and Hall groups, we went to the White Bear!


Olli ended his visit on Friday afternoon with a stimulating presentation in the Centre for NSQI.

Yaozu speaking at the First Inorganic and Materials Symposium of the year!

Yaozu gave an excellent talk on some of his recent results at the first mini-symposium on the I&M Chemistry section programme for the new academic year! Here Yaozu is thinking hard before answering a question!

IM-Sept-2014-III copy


He was joined by Jess Gwyther (postdoc from the Manners group), before the main speaker of the day, prof Michael Morris, University of Cork, Ireland.

IM-Sept-2014-II copy

The FRG setting a new record at BISC!

In this busy time of the year, and many new students arriving in Bristol, the FRG helped out at BISC, a local charity that helps to welcome international students. As in previous years, a team led by “Chef Charl” cooked Welcome Meals for international students.  Sadly Angel and Dicker had left by the time this photo was taken:


We broke the record set last year, and prepared and served more than 140 meals on Tuesday evening! Well done!