Nara Institute of Science and Technology

As the final visit of his trip to Japan, Charl spent a very enjoyable day at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, just outside Nara.  He was hosted by Prof Kawai and colleagues from the Laboratory for Photonic Molecular Science. Charl had a number of very interesting discussions about their exciting science, and potential future interactions before and after his talk in the afternoon.


Prof Kawai and colleagues (professors Nakashima, Nonoguchi and Yuasa) treated Charl to an exquisite meal at a restaurant that specialises in Japanese mushroom delicacies!

Kansai University

Charl spent a day at Kansai University, kindly hosted by Prof Fumio Sanda at the Polymer Design and Creation Laboratories.  Except for interesting discussions with faculty members, Charl also spent the afternoon with Prof Sanda’s students, where they presented their latest (and very exciting) results! Charl ended the afternoon by giving a talk (before a delicious dinner in downtown Osaka!).



Japan in the summer…

Charl is currently in Japan, visiting Prof Kazuo Akagi (in Kyoto, and former PhD supervisor of Kazu in the FRG) to discuss future Bristol-Kyoto interactions.  The visit so far has been very productive, including meeting Dr Reiko Oda (from Bordeaux), who gave a fascinating talk on chirality in amphiphilic systems.


The day of interactions was celebrated … with Japanese green-tea-containing beer, whilst learning about the famous Kyoto Gion Festival.

Charl will still be visiting Prof Fumio Sanda (Kansai University) and Prof Tsuyoshi Kawai (Nara Institute of Science and Technology) before returning the Bristol at the end of the week.

Heliotropic Sun-Tracking Cornish Mallow…

The inspiration of Dicker’s research project, sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust, is the sun-tracking movements of the Cornish Mallow.


Dicker, a joint PhD student with Prof Paul Weaver and colleagues from ACCIS, recently posted this Youtube time-lapse video of his prized Cornish Mallow’s laboratory activity!


ICMAT2015 in Singapore

Charl is currently in Singapore at the ICMAT2015 meeting.  Great meeting, with the chance to see presentations from Nicola Pinna (now in Berlin, former colleague from the MPI in Golm), Uwe Bunz (Heidelberg), Stefan Kaskel (Dresden), Dorota Koziej (ETH Zurich, working with former MPI colleague Markus Niederberger), and former FRG member, Tierui Zhang (Beijing).


Paper accepted – Small!

A paper by (Dr) Ben Brown, entitled “Reversible Conductive-AFM Patterning of Organic Semiconductors” was accepted by Small! The study outlines a conductive-AFM redox-writing (cAROW) technique, and show that it is possible to locally, and reversibly, pattern conducting and non-conducting features on the surface of oligo(aniline)s.


This project was done in close collaboration with Dr Loren Picco and Prof Mervyn Miles FRS, from the Nanophysics and Soft Matter group in School of Physics.  It is obvious from the image that Ben (now working for GE in Bristol) was sponsored by the BCFN!